Our Story


Lu•min:  light; illuminate, luminous.     

X:  ten                


For millennia humans have utilised the wisdom of nature to heal their skin and improve their  overall health. By harnessing some of these timeless techniques we have formulated an exclusive blend of ten (X) potent botanicals to create the ultimate all in one organic, revitalising skin elixir, that is LuminX


Each drop of this powerful liquid gold is formulated to be a synergistic blend that fights the core pillars of ageing; free-radical damage, collagen depletion, hyper-pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. In doing so this skin elixir leaves your skin deeply hydrated, providing head-turning radiance that lasts. Packed with a powerhouse of antioxidants you can be rest assured that your skin is getting all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, firm and glowing for years to come. 


We wanted this elixir to be enjoyed by all skin types and conditions. Which why we have chosen to use only low comedogenic oils, making this revitalising elixir feather light, with rapid absorption, leaving no oily residue behind, only luminous, soft skin. 


When you purchase a bottle of LuminX you are not only choosing to transform you skin from the inside out, you’re also saying “yes” to a natural way of doing so.


At Nature’s Body we strive to be as sustainable and conscious of the environment as possible. From packaging to what goes inside the bottle, we exclusively use eco-friendly materials. Sticking to strictly certified organic ingredients means that you avoid absorbing any residual pesticides and you won’t be causing any harm to our oceans if any of the oil is rinsed off of your face.  Our packaging comes to you in glass bottles, protected in a recyclable box. There are also creative ways in which you can re-use/up-cycle our packaging, that can be found on our Instagram page. 


We try to give back where possible, so for every ten bottles of LuminX sold we plant an Australian native tree to help support and sustain native wildlife. 


We believe in honest, clean beauty. We do not conceal any of our ingredients, as there are no fillers nor hidden chemicals, only organic, healing goodness.

Learn more about the oils we have chosen click here.


Our money back guarantee ensures that you can trial our potent regenerative elixir with peace of mind. We trust that our product will work for you and your skin care needs. If you are not satisfied with the results after a month we will happily refund you.