Why LuminX?

There are a plethora of skincare products available on the market but so many of them mask that they can cause more damage than good. By containing parabens, synthetic fragrances, alcohol and other hidden nasties that can cause serious harm to not only your skin but the environment. At Nature’s Body we wanted to make a product that was honest, powerful in it’s healing capabilities and sustainably made, that’s how LuminX was formed. LuminX is an organic, plant-powered, vegan, liquid miracle that can help to shield your skin from stressing pollutants whilst simultaneously balancing your skin’s sebum, to leave you with radiant, youthful looking skin. The LuminX experience the moment you received your package. Upon opening Luminx you are greeted with a luxurious scent. With subtle hints of warm hemp and pomegranate paired with floral undertones of geranium and lavender and topped off with sweet scents of passionfruit, this skin elixir whisks the senses to a tropical paradise with each application. LuminX as it’s serves as a mutli-functional product, meaning you can save by switching to our skin elixir. Some alternative uses are a long-lasting makeup primer, body oil, moisturiser, base for a body scrub, cuticle oil, add to some moisturiser for a deeply repairing hand cream, an extra boost to a face mask, helps to reduce the appearance of scars/stretch marks, a hair mask, soften feet/cracked heels, helps to protect tattoos form ageing and much more. Check out our Instagram to keep ups with more uses. Other benefits of LuminX are:

  • Low comedogenic formula
  • Balance out oily skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Free radical protection
  • Soften hair, cuticles, body
  • Blemish repair
  • Combat dry spots
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Diminish Hyper-pigmentation
Our money back guarantee ensures that you can trial our potent regenerative elixir with peace of mind. We trust that our product will work for you and your skin care needs and if you are not satisfied with the product after 30 days we will happily refund you.

Is LuminX suitable for my skin type?

Yes, we have tested LuminX on all skin types, including those with skin conditions such as roseacea, hyper-pigmentation and acne prone skin. So far there have been no adverse effects. We do have a specialised guide as to how much of the product and what is the best method of application for your skin type here.

How do I find out my skin type?

Take a quick look at our skin guide here to find out. (coming soon)

Will it make my skin look oily?

If you are stressed that LuminX will give you the appearance of oily looking skin you have no need to worry. We wanted this elixir to be enjoyed by all skin types and conditions. Which why we have chosen to use only low comedogenic oils, making this revitalising elixir feather light, with rapid absorption, leaving no oily residue behind, only luminous, soft skin.

Do I still need use other products?

We do suggest using a good natural cleanser prior to application but there is no need for additional moisturises or creams as LuminX does it all. It even serves as a makeup primer. However we do recommend using a reef safe sunscreen after application to ensure you’re getting sufficient UV protection.

How to apply

Here you will find a chart on how much LuminX to use for your skin type and how to apply it. (coming soon)

Is it vegan?

Yes, We wanted this elixir to be enjoyed by all. We only test on our beautiful willing trial participants, no animals. All ingredients are certified organic ingredients that are derived from plants not animals.

What’s in it that makes it so special?

Our ingredients have been meticulously selected to form the ultimate all in one revitalising skin elixir. To learn more about what each ingredient does click here.