"Well this product is nothing short of amazing in my opinion,

thank you very much again for the opportunity to trial it! 

I’m 43, Mum of two boys working FT and felt like my skin needed something major, so this opportunity came at a great time especially after Covid-19. I am not into cosmetic surgery/fillers etc....or ever will be!


My eyes feel brighter, my redness is gone my skin feels and looks years younger firmer, more taught, smoother and it’s just a great quality product, it’s evident. Fine lines appear to be almost gone with

makeup on too 🥰


The scent is just decadent and it really does absorb beautifully.

I will buy this product  again 100% without hesitation as I think I was a little heavy handed with it

and am just about out!


I am happy for you to see these images which was a few days after it arrived with very minimal makeup, and neck looking extra hideous with a light fake tan processing, compared to last Friday with heavier makeup but honestly just serum, moisturiser and foundation. No photo tampering or smoothing promise!

Thanks again, so lucky to be offered the opportunity and have a lovely safe Xmas!"

- Louise Keen

I have never been one to use facial creams because I do not like to feel or smell of most products available, so I was a little doubtful when I received the LuminX oil.

I have combination skin type, dry in some areas and oily with large pores in others. I also suffer from Rosacea on my cheeks and found LuminX oil soothed it and I noticed my skin is looking and feeling softer and smoother. I also used it on my chest and rubbed my super dry elbows which are now feeling great.

I love, love, love LuminX oil. It smells awesome. It did not make me feel like I had loads of product on my face and I only used it once a day as I am terrible at remembering.

I definitely recommend this product; you will be pleased with the results.

- Kylie Green

I have tried my best to take the identical pictures so you would be able to see the comparison. I love using the oils on my face. I only use 3-4 drops and I love the way my skin absorbs it almost straight away. My face doesn't look oily nor does it feel oily. I loved how it made my skin glow. I didn't have to use any other moisturiser. I thought I was imagining it but you can actually see in the photos that the oil has cleared up some of my freckles/sun spots. It seems to have lightened them up and smoothed out my complexion. I also feel like my wrinkles have reduced a little bit too. Analyse the photos for yourself to help make up your mind to whether you would like to buy this product. I can confidently say that I will definitely be ordering a new bottle once I run out. Thankyou so much guys for this lovely smelling facial oil.

- Chanel Lombard

On opening the bottle of LuminX the aroma was so amazing I couldn’t wait to try it on my skin. It felt so luxurious and after using for a month I feel that my skin is better hydrated, have seen some fine line reduction as well.

I could wear LuminX under makeup but had to wait until it absorbed in (which didn’t take long) before applying foundation and my makeup seemed to last longer.

Lou-Ann Rogers

Absolutely loved this oil... my skin felt amazing and glowed... and I received comments from people saying the same! The smell of the oil is also lovely and promotes calmness. Highly recommend twice a day if you can, but at least nightly when not applying makeup afterwards. 

Tina Edney

Thank you for the opportunity to use the LuminX Oil.

For the first 3 weeks it seemed to be ok I am in my 50’s so I believe that by the end of the 3rd week I just needed a little more for my skin.

I loved the smell and the feel for the first 2 weeks, coming into the 3rd my skin felt a little dry?

I’m not sure if it was from this dreadful wind or if my 55 year old skin needed more.

I went back to using my own skin care and then at night put the oil on top until it finished.

Loved it on my hands. I don’t like photos of myself so felt very awkward taking before and  after photos.

The scar on my nose did fade ever so slightly.

Shelley Keightley

This product is awesome . I have not sent a before and after as the camera does not show the difference that I can feel and see. The puffiness under my eyes has halved my skin feels lighter and so much smoother. I don’t need moisturiser anymore and my skin feels hydrated all day. Works wonders on your hands too

Tanya Murray

I concentrated around my eyes in particular the fine lines. I do think the oil has reduced them.

Overall very happy with the product.

Gayle Usher

I suffer from Rosacea and found nothing soothed my skin and the burning feeling I got through flareups.

The first week of trying LuminX Oil, my face flared up and left me disappointed with the results, but half way through the second week, my face started to show noticeable improvement, with the redness subsiding, and my skin looking and feeling softer and smoother.

I would definitely recommend this oil for anyone who suffers from a ruddy, or imperfection complexion to give it a try and persevere, you will be pleased with the results.

I have also used it on my neck and upper chest area, which has had sun damage over the years, and found that it is more luminous and softer.  

Vicki Stuart

I definitely think my skin is feeling much better

I love the fragrance of the oil.  

Sharon Niebling


I have to say I’ve really liked the product and I’ve ordered 2 more bottles.

It has definitely made my skin feel smoother, softer and moisturised and this has been particularly noticeable during the warmer weather and while I’ve been ill. Certainly, from the photos you can see the deep frown lines between my eyes are noticeably finer which is so pleasing!

Anyway, as promised here are the before and after shots after a month of use. It’s become a product

I will continue to use.

- Sally Northwood

 I found the aroma was very pleasant and it was easy to use. 

Helen McPherson


I started my trail on the 29th October.    I loved the smell of the oil and how light it felt going on,   it has a luxurious feel to it and I found it didn’t dry up and I could still feel it on my face at bedtime.


As an older woman who has sunspots I believe they were lightened over the month.   No tightening of skin as with other creams or products I have tried.  

Also I had found ages ago that if I used rose hip oil I’d break out – friends also told me they had the same results – so it was nice that never happened.  

I felt that my skin was softer and friends noticed that I was “doing” something different.


I really liked the LuminX oil and will continue to use it.  Besides my face and neck feeling softer and looking better my hands are softer as well after I rubbed the residue of my daily oil into my  hands.


So what can I say – no break outs , nice fragrant oil and best of all softer lighter feeling to my face,    I have only worn make up once since trailing and found that my makeup went on nicely and didn’t feel heavy or gluggy .

I have found and feel a difference in my skin

Thank you for letting me join in the trail and hope the photos are ok. 

- Laura Russell 




Cannot say enough about this product.  I have only been using LuminX oil for a period of four weeks and my skin hasn’t felt and looked this good in years.  I like the smell,  and feel of the oil that has provided the right amount of hydration to my skin.  This liquid gold is amazing how it has soothed, moisturised, and revitalised my dry sensitive skin.    

Dena Wright

I found that the oil sat nicely on my skin and doesn't take long to soak in before needing to apply make-up 

I love that you only need a small amount so the bottle will last a long time

I actually rub the excess from my hands after putting it on my face rub them on my elbows no more dry cracked elbows I thought it was a waste to wash my hands with all that lovely excess oil still on my hands

I have attached a before and after photo taken a month apart at the same time a day I can notice reduction of lines around my eyes lip area and chin 

I would recommend this product 

- Shelly Threlfall

I love the smell of it.  Given I have naturally oily skin, I am impressed with how well Luminx absorbs into my skin not leaving it feeling excessively oily, especially given I live in the tropics.

Nina Steele