Fern Leaves

LuminX is an organic, plant-powered, liquid miracle that can help to shield your skin from stressing pollutants whilst simultaneously balancing your skin’s sebum, to leave you with radiant, youthful looking skin.

Inspired by Nature. Backed by Science. 

100% Organic Skin Rejuvenation Elixir

  • Low comedogenic formula

  • Balance out oily skin             

  • Anti-Inflammatory    

  • Free radical protection

  • Soften hair, cuticles, body

  • Blemish repair          

  • Combat dry spots                 

  • Reduce the appearance  of fine lines and wrinkles  

  • Diminish Hyper-pigmentation 

For millennia humans have utilised the

wisdom of nature to heal their skin and

improve their overall health. By harnessing

some of these timeless techniques we have

formulated an exclusive blend of potent

botanicals to create the ultimate

all in one organic, vegan friendly, skin elixir,

that is LuminX. Made right here in Australia!

"I love how it made my skin glow...smoothed out my wrinkles have reduced..." 

— Chanel Lombard, VIC